Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summertime, and the Learning is Easy

Teaming up!
Summer is flying by, and though we have eased up a bit on the hard-core lesson thing, Andy is still moving, shaking, and being awesome.

Pool days are the best, for the most part. We've had a few lessons on other people not being very kind, but we've rocked it by sharing our toys, including others in our games, and making sure Joey is involved. Brother love is awesome.

Making up our own games.
We have had a penchant for making up new games this summer- card games, battle games, games with small pieces and lots of people challenging the arena. We are thinking about learning to play Dungeons and Dragons soon.
Ready for camp!

We kicked off summer with a camp, the only one Andy asked to attend: History Camp! The program is through Ferry Farm/Kenmore, and features important colonial sites in town. Every day was a different site, with lots of awesome activities and new friends.

Attacked by Lear the Leech, sewed by his very own hands. 
We also had lots of fun learning about how to drive bumper boats.
Let's get SOAKED!
The bumper boats have been a great favorite in our discovery this summer of being able to tolerate Funland. With noise sensitivity under control, we can enjoy a lot more things that the big kids do.

Hooray! Aunt Emily!
 We have also been having adventures in visiting family. We drove to Tennessee, where we got to visit Aunt Emily and Granny Ann, and see the Nashville Zoo.
Our first grits, in our first Waffle House.
Andy tried some new foods, and mostly liked them. Most notable was the grits he tried at Waffle House. He decided they were pretty good.

Hooray! Granny Ann!

We set off fireworks for July 4, which was very exciting. Lots of big sparklers, and fireworks that went up into the air! We also enjoyed watching the town fireworks from the Sonic.

Andy was especially fond of Granny Ann's cats, who were also particularly fond of him.

Ta-da was especially fond of Andy. 

Nerf. It's a way of life.
 We got home to have a lesson in auction buying, and Mom's talent for bidding on large lots of Nerf guns and accessories.
Look on Andy's face when he saw the car was full of Nerf guns.
The best thing about Nerf guns is that Andy can make up all sorts of games with them. He also shares them with the whole neighborhood, so everybody gets to play. And we don't use the bullets, so no eyes are taken out. 

Andy's garden has been doing well. It hasn't needed a lot of tending, because there has been plenty of rain- just a little light weeding. However, lack of sunshine also means we haven't had a huge harvest, either. 
 We have had a few crook-neck squash. This one was picked a bit late, but it was still delicious. He decided they are very good picked young, cubed, and put raw on salads. We are going to learn to steam and sauté them before the summer is out.

We have also gotten a few tomatoes, mostly from the plants we put in pots near Grandma's deck. Apparently deer thing tomato plants are delicious.

So the summer is going by fast. It's already August! Before we know it, it will be time to get back to things like math and grammar. But for now, we are learning about being a boy, and having fun, and realizing that the world is one big classroom, with lots of world to explore. 

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